About Us

announcement We Serves Authentic Ipoh HorFun!
About Us

The name of the restaurant, 山城 (Shan Cheng), is the Chinese equivalent for ‘City Of Mountains’ , a name given to the city of Ipoh in Malaysia by its residences as its landscape is depicted by sprawling hills and mountains.

Shan Cheng’s founders are sisters who hail from Ipoh, Elaine and Cheryl Tioh. Since young, they have been helping out with their mother, who is a noodle seller, in her business and has developed a flair for whipping up good food. Leaving Ipoh to Singapore for work for 10 years, they missed their mum’s and Ipoh’s cuisine deeply. They thus founded Shan Cheng to reprise the food close to their hearts and to share the great taste with Malaysians, Singaporeans and everyone else.

In 2011, they open First outlet of Shan Cheng Ipoh Horfun in Singapore at The Central, Clarke Quay.

Notably, Shan Cheng’s house specials such as their Authentic Shredded Chicken Hor Fun, Char Siew Horfun, and Curry noodle all are prepared from their mother’s more than 30 years secret recipes, palatable and unique at the same time, delighting food fans and critics alike. Besides, Ipoh White Coffee is also well treasure for Shan Cheng.

Shan Cheng’s mission is to bring the local taste of Ipoh to Malaysians , Singaporeans, and all who missed Ipoh’s cuisine or would like to give the original Ipoh fare a try. To achieve this feat, main ingredients are all sourced directly from Ipoh; Ipoh Horfun, coffee powder, tea, and selected ingredients.